The Natural Antioxidants group, known as Polyphenol Research, was founded in 1993 in response to the need to learn about the exceptional and functional characteristics of polyphenols. At the beginning, our studies were focused on the analysis of wine and cava. Today we carry out different research projects both in food and in animals and humans.

Collaborative projects

We carry out collaboration projects with some internationally prestigious universities such as Harvard School of Public Health de Boston y UC Davis en California, entre otros.

Research centers

Our group belongs to the next research centers:

  • INSA-UB (Research Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety at the University of Barcelona).
  • CIBER (Centros de Investigación Biomédica en Red, CB12/03/30020).


  • Rosa M Lamuela recognized as Highly Cited Researcher (Clarivate Analytics) in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  • Rosa M Lamuela, PI of the group, has been recognized with the XXV Danone Institute Award for Scientific Career in 2018.
  • Our group has been classified as a Consolidated Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya 2021 SGR 00334.