The First International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits and Industrial Applications

From May 10 to 12, the first edition of the “International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits and Industrial Applications” is taking place in Barcelona. This conference is organized by the open access journal Antioxidants, published by MDPI.

The main topics and sessions of the conference will cover:

Health outcomes of antioxidants and oxidative stress, with special emphasis on: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, microbiome and gut health, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative pathologies, cognitive function and physical exercise, and oxidative stress.
Antioxidant enzyme systems, with special emphasis on: ROS, RNS, and RSS; mitochondria; redox signaling; photooxidative stress and metalloenzymes.
Natural antioxidants: sources, analysis, and mechanisms of action, with special emphasis on: occurrence, profiling, analytical methods, bioavailability, and new methodologies for antioxidant power evaluation.
Natural antioxidants: sustainable methodologies for recovery and processing, with special emphasis on: new eco-friendly methodologies, agrifood wastes and byproducts, transformation to impart functionality, new materials, nanoparticles, and industrial applications.

The conference will host several internationally renowned speakers and invites submissions for oral presentations and posters. The meeting offers a unique opportunity for direct communication among scholars, favoring personal contacts between younger and experienced researchers on advanced research topics and technological issues.

Dr. Rosa Lamuela from our research group will act as the Conference Chair, and Doctors Anna Tresserra and Emily Laveriano will participate in the conferences.

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