The Polyphenol Research group has extensive and consolidated experience in innovation projects in collaboration with companies in the areas of food and nutrition. We promote the transfer of scientific knowledge and technology for the development of new products.


We specialize in the development of foods enriched with bioactive compounds for both human and animal consumption. We examine the use of industrial by-products for their revalorization and reusing in the development of new functional foods, thus promoting the circular economy. We work in collaboration with companies in the food sector on innovation projects to drive the creation of healthier, more sustainable products that offer additional nutritional benefits and promote general well-being.

We assess the durability and quality of foods with high levels of bioactive compounds to determine how they are retained in the products over time. We examine potential physical and/or chemical changes caused by factors such as time, temperature, humidity, and light, among others. Based on the results obtained, adjustments can be made to the formulation of the foods, as well as to the storage and conservation recommendations, to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards throughout their shelf life.

We promote the creation of healthier and functional foods through agronomic research (optimization of cultivation techniques, use of organic fertilizers, and sustainable soil management) and the development of extraction technologies (solvent extraction, high-pressure technology, enzymatic extraction techniques). We collaborate with companies to optimize the production and processing processes of foods rich in bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols and carotenoids. This involves evaluating and improving processing stages, such as product formulation and/or thermal treatment, in order to preserve bioactive compounds and ensure their stability and bioavailability.

We employ studies on the effects of cooking on foods rich in bioactive compounds to improve our understanding of how cooking affects the presence and availability of these compounds. This enables us to provide guidelines and recommendations (cooking temperature, process duration, culinary techniques, etc.) for proper cooking that preserves the nutritional benefits of bioactive compounds in food. We collaborate with industries to ensure the quality of fifth-range foods.


We conduct assays to identify and validate consumption biomarkers in biological samples of different food products through studies in human populations. Additionally, we offer consulting and advisory services for the application of biomarkers in marketing strategies and product development, as well as collaboration in research projects. These services enable effective understanding and utilization of consumption biomarkers to enhance the quality and marketing of food products.

We conduct studies on the bioavailability of bioactive compounds present in both food and nutritional supplements. Through the analysis of biological samples, the evaluation of bioavailability, and the study of interactions with other nutrients, we offer recommendations and advice to improve product formulation and optimize the bioavailability of the studied compounds. Our goal is to understand how these compounds are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated in the human body in order to maximize their availability and biological activity.

We carry out interventional studies with foods such as olive oil, tomatoes, peanuts, among others. Through a comprehensive approach, we design and conduct research that allows us to evaluate the effects of consuming these foods on human health, analyzing biological samples and assessing risks and benefits. Based on our findings, we provide recommendations and scientific dissemination to promote healthy eating, and we collaborate with companies and entities in the industry to develop healthier and more functional foods. Our goal is to contribute to scientific knowledge and improve quality of life through research.

We investigate the relationship between food consumption and health. We conduct epidemiological studies to analyze how the foods we consume impact our well-being and the development of diseases. Through the analysis of epidemiological data, clinical trials, and biomarkers, we seek to identify the benefits and risks associated with different dietary patterns. We provide a solid scientific foundation that allows us to recommend healthy eating habits and advise companies and organizations in the development of products and marketing strategies that promote health and well-being. We work to foster understanding and awareness of the importance of the relationship between food consumption and health.