Participation “LIFESTYLE, DIET, WINE & HEALTH” 2023

Participation in the “LIFESTYLE, DIET, WINE & HEALTH” Congress 2023

Several members of our research group, led by Dr. Rosa M. Lamuela and Dr. Maria Pérez, as well as researchers Rocío Gutiérrez and Polina Galkina, are participating in the prestigious “LIFESTYLE, DIET, WINE & HEALTH” congress, which takes place from October 18 to 20, 2023, in Toledo, Spain.

This event, focused on the intersection of lifestyle, diet, wine, and health, provided a perfect platform to share the advances and research results from our group. Dr. Rosa Lamuela, a renowned expert in the field, is a speaker with her presentation titled “Synergistic effects of foods: Importance of dietary pattern.” Her talk sheds light on the importance of dietary patterns in the interaction of foods and their impact on health.

In addition to Dr. Lamuela, other members of our team are presenting research in poster format. Highlighted topics include “Association between tartaric acid, a biomarker of wine consumption, and diabetes,” “Urolithin profile from a pilot study of walnut feeding in the elderly (WAHA study),” and “Study on the effect of the intake of extra virgin olive oil Corbella variety on the microbiota-gut-brain axis in healthy adults.” Additionally, invited researcher Carola Pozzoli, who is part of our group, also participated in the congress with her presentation titled “From waste to health: valorization of chestnut by-product for intestinal diseases,” a result of her work at the University of Milan. Likewise, researcher Dr. Marina Pérez from the University of Barcelona has participated with the poster “Effects of carbon-rich residues fertilization on strawberry production and quality,” which is a collaboration between both research groups.