Nutritional biomarkers

Dietary questionnaires often have limitations, making the calculation of dietary intake not true. Nutritional Biomarkers are a more objective method of measuring food consumption.

Currently, the study of nutritional biomarkers is used to assess dietary intake, nutritional status, and effects of food or diet components on indicators of health and / or disease. Such is its importance that the number of investigations is increasing with the aim of deepening the development of new nutritional biomarkers.

Given the importance of this topic, our group seeks to develop new methods for identifying and improving specific biomarkers of dietary intake, effect and / or disease, using omic technologies.

Our studiess

We analyze bioactive components of the diet, such as polyphenols in urine and study their effect in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, we also analyze other bioactive compounds such as carotenoids and / or vitamins on blood pressure.

We evaluate the influence that certain metabolites derived from the intake of polyphenols and carotenoids have on health and disease. Furthermore, we identify and quantify polyphenols produced from the metabolism of the microbiota, and study their relationship with indicators of cardiovascular health.